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— ABOUT Programming World—

Programming World also goes by the name programming.world.edu. Programming World was establish and found by Kevin Nguyen in February 2017.

Programming World is a blogging platform that powered by WordPress. Programming World was build surrounding the concept of connecting readers to contents to empower the readers with knowledge that can help the readers in their programming career. Programming World second concept is to provide a fair place for authors to showcase their original work.


  1. Provides readers with a vast amount of diversity contents in the topic of programming.
  2. Provides authors with an additional place to showcase their works to attract the extra visibility.
  3. Being able to provides benefits to authors that posted their articles on our platform.


With a diversity of article in one location we can attract and retain readership. Our motto for authoring is “We Share A Reader To Gain A Reader”.

For every article posted on our website, there would be one link that will link back to the author website.

Our promise from day one is to always share our advertisement placement revenue with authors for every article that posted on our website.



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